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Web Site Hosting

Web Site Hosting: Affordable, Personalized, GoDaddy, Domain Registration, Information Technology


DRIVE provides affordable and reliable third-party hosting and domain registration solutions combined with our personalized and prompt administration services.

Web Site Hosting: Reducing the Headaches

It is sometimes difficult to decide what is the best web site hosting and administration policy for your company, because so many different solutions exist and you don't know whom to trust for reliable, state-of-the-art information technology.

That's why we recommend to our clients that they choose a major third-party web hosting company that can offer:

  Economy   Ease of use

The last headache you need is from your web site administrator
informing you that your site is down or your hosting company just went out of business.

We make sure our clients' sites are located with hosting companies that are well-established in the industry and have the resources to make sure your site is protected and always available to you and your visitors.

Web Site Hosting: Reducing the High Cost

Our main focus in offering web site hosting and administrative services is to help our clients keep their web hosting costs as low as possible while gaining access to all of the technical services they may require, such as:

  24 / 7 / 365 live technical phone support
  E-Commerce functionality
  Database programming capabilities
  Browser-based email access from anywhere in the world

That's why we recommend companies such as GoDaddy, a long-time industry leader. which provides many of our clients the most technology and 24/7 service for the least cost.

We will be happy to walk you through the quick, easy, and inexpensive process of setting up and hosting a web site.

Web Site Hosting: Increasing the Service

On top of that, we provide responsive, personalized service for site updates that is mindful of the speed with which commerce is conducted in today's marketplace.

However, our roots are from a time and place when real service meant something special, so we don't let speedy delivery interfere with producing the highest quality work and paying attention to the little details that have big implications.

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